The IP Logger PRO - Your counter, your web analyzer.


Keep it simple and efficient.
Just like the debilsoft IP Logger PRO.
The IP Logger PRO provides a straightforward and efficient way to record and analyze
your website visitors completely.

Record the geographical location, the user referrer, the IP and many more essential
information of every single visitor.
Use these facts to provide useful information for advertising, marketing
or to adduce evidence.

All this with a very simple installation into your website.

The features:

- Every single visitor counts.

A further important aspect besides the visitor refferer is the geographical
location of your visitors.
We integrated a technology called geotargeting to provide geographical
data by resovling the IP address from every single visitor.

GeoIP Geotargeting mit dem IP Logger PRo

- Total control about the effectiveness of your site.

The most importent thing is to know how your visitor got to your website.
This information is provided by the HTTP refferer.
You can see which sites are backlinked to your site.

Take a look:

IP Logger PRO - Ansicht der häufigsten Refferer

Also interesting are the used keywords which were used to find your site in search engines.
The IP Logger PRO will generate a rangking of the most uses keywords.

IP Logger PRO - Anicht der häufigsten Keywords

- Just one single line code. That is it.

To install the IP Logger PRO on your website you have to add only one single line of code to your index page.

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Your website</title>
<p>Welcome to..</p> . . .

- Full description and personal support

Beside the best features, one thing is really important.
It has to work.
And this has been our aim just right from the beginning of development.
To go from the installation to the easy handling.

We want you to start directly after the order.
The provide this you will get a full description PDF und free personal support
to guarantee a 100% error free work on your website.

- Max. technology, minimal host system requirements

To make the IP Logger PRO run on really every website we
added a "Textfile" Mode. For those who do not have a MySQL database support.
For maximum performance the MySQL Mode provides really fast realtime logging
without any delay. Also if you have more than 100.000 page impression per day.

IP Logger Pro Technologien

- Ready for the furure - free lifetime updates.

The IP Logger PRO uses state of the art technology. And we want to keep it in future.
Thus you will also purchase the right to get free updates.
If you have any ideas to improve the IP Logger PRO, just feel free to contact us.
Maybe your idea will be part of the next update.

- Live Demo

: Display example for your visitors. Right: Your analytics view (Please click to open)

Visitors overall: 254481
Visitors today: 106
Visitors yesterday: 100
Visitors Ø per day: 89
Visitors Ø per day: 2759
Last visitor: 22:51
Your Area: Cambridge
Your Country: United States
Your IP:
User Online: 26
Webanalyse, Webcontrolling

Get your copy today for just 24.99 $ per license.
Inclusiv free support and free updates for lifetime.

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